Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Red Goes to College

It's been a crazy and busy past couple of weeks and I have been lacking in my blog postings, if only there were a few more hours in the day! I've been in and out of town the past week, as my brother and I are now in charge of getting my grandmother's home that she moved out of, ready to go on the market. My grandmother has been in that house for about 45 years, so it's a very big job, but thankfully Red loves to come along with me.

Last weekend Red went to college! I was busy with the Nana, helping her get some final things straightened out, so Red got to stay with my brother for the weekend, who is still in college. This was my brother's first test of how he would do with the responsibility of taking care of a dog all by himself, and he failed! Haha! Okay, so I was a little tough on him, but he did forget to feed Red the first day until I called and reminded him! Red is such a good sport, he never begs or lets on when he is hungry, so he didn't even try and clue in Uncle Reyn that he had forgotten his dinner. Initially I had these visions of a crowd of rowdy college boys chanting Red's name, while they prepared a beer funnel for him, but thankfully things went really well and Red did enjoy his time spent with Uncle Reyn.

But Red does love his Uncle, and even though my brother had sworn Red would not be allowed on his bed, Red had worked his magic within minutes of arriving and promptly spent the next few days cuddled up in his Uncle's bed! Haha! Red knows how to work his charms!

They are quite the silly pair, and have similar senses of humor and you never know what you'll find them up to when they get together, haha!

There are no words. Hahahahaha!

The best thing about Uncle Reyn's place is that there is a dog park right across the street, this pleased Red to no end! He loves other dogs, so he was thrilled to make multiple daily visits with the other pups during his stay. Of course, with the lovely hot and humid summer weather in full effect, he worked up quite the stink. And since it is so hot out, I figured there was no better time than to break out the hose for some cooling off and a little stink removal.

Red was all blissed out just enjoying the beautiful summer day.

Hey! What's this green bottle for?

Not cool my friend, so not cool!

Would you put the stupid camera down and get these suds off me now!!

Could he possibly look any more pathetic? Haha!

You owe me lots and lots of cookies for this.


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! These are some great pics. They really convey a feeling of what life with Red must be like. I love the one in the pool! My Jake loves his pool too, but he hogs it to himself.

StellaStar said...

These pictures are worth a million words! I just noticed...Red has a Bubba Gump lip just like Rufus...love it!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

"We have a rule about no dogs on the beds here! Well it's more of a guideline than a rule ....."

Anonymous said...

Haha! Poor Red, imagine giving him a *bath*!

PoochesForPeace said...

hahahah, great pics!

ACB said...

We missed you and we're glad you're back! I love the photo of Red in the kiddie pool, classic! And the barking video was hiliarious! Can we request a kitty update sometime too? We know you're busy, just whenever ya get a chance :) Thanks and good luck with the house sale!

Katt said...

Great photos and story! My fave is Red in his Uncle's lap showing us his awesome smile upside down!


Mom said...

Red and Uncle are SO GOOFY!! The suds photo is a riot but he was over it quickly. Red loves his mom!! :)

ACO461 said...

Now those are some AWESOME shots!!
Red is a crack-up!!!