Thursday, July 30, 2009

Polo Shirt Fail

I stumbled upon this great deal for a green polo shirt in what I thought was Red's size given the description for the shirt online. I couldn't help myself and promptly ordered one and waited for it to arrive. When I went to the mailbox and found the package, I ripped it open only to discover a shirt more aptly suited for one of my cats! Haha! I checked the invoice and it said small, and I thought they must have just made a mistake.

I gave customer service a call, and they agreed to send another one at no charge in the correct size, they were wonderful about it and told me to keep the first one too. So I waited again, and again ripped open the new package when it arrived only to discover the exact same size! Either they sent the wrong size again, or we have two different definitions of what a large is. 

At this point I gave up and cut my losses, and thought of two perfectly sized pups who might could use these cute green polos and shipped them off to the pugs of the Canine Mafia! Hey, even mobsters like to look nice! Haha! Hopefully, they will get better use of them than we did! this some new kind of neck warmer?

Does this shirt make my head look big?

I even tried the polo on Itty Bitty, but apparently the shirt has some magical power that renders kitties unable to move, so that didn't work either! It was either that or the fact that it fit Itty Bitty more like a dress than a shirt! Haha!

You can even see Bitty's tail is a little fuzzy because he was swishing it around to show me his displeasure in this torture suit I had put on him! LOL

Saturday, July 18, 2009

High Cotton Turns 5!

So I am a bad mom and did not realize it was Cotton's birthday yesterday until it was quite late last night, but thankfully I had some chicken baby food stored away in the pantry for just such an occasion! Cotton is my little weirdo, and has absolutely no interest whatsoever in any wet food I have ever offered him, but he lives for chicken baby food, so that made his night! He's also a carbaholic, but that's a whole other post! Haha!

Boy does time fly though, I can't believe my purr monster boy is already 5 years old! I've already told him that this is it, he is no longer allowed to get any older...though I'm not sure he was listening as he promptly meowed at me wanting to know why I had stopped the chin rubbin's!

A retrospective of my favorites of my lovable silly Cotton ball:

At 8 months old, this was taken the day we brought him home, back when he still had a small head ;)

He quickly showed what a laid back little dude he was...

And that bath time made him very grumpy...

But that covering him up with a nice blanket after a bath, to help warm him up makes him very happy and sleepy...
 He showed off his master skills at finding wonderful napping spots...


It wasn't long before we learned of Cotton's affinity for drinking water...

in all it's forms...

He took to Red almost immediately and they became lookout buddies as they both enjoy keeping an eye on the goings on of the neighborhood...

They even got into sychronized napping...

He showed his crazy hyper side, and how much he loved to have fun on the cat trees...

He quickly worked his way into my heart with his laid back and sweet personality, and really how can you not love a guy who can rock pink and white so well! :)
Happy 5th Birthday High Cotton!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


It's time for me to come clean about something. My dog has a secret identity. Most of the time he's busy hanging out in the backyard, lounging on the porch with the kitties, or playing with his toys, but when danger knocks Red's alter-ego comes out and he's ready to protect at a moment's notice!

Introducing Underdog!

Red takes his Superhero duties very seriously, and is always on the lookout for any opportunities where he may be needed, be it helping a grandma across the street or scaring away the squirrels when they try and storm the neighbor's bird feeder!

You should see the way the squirrels tremble when Red busts out his cape! Haha!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Cat Is Weird

So the other day I stroll into the kitchen to find Abby hanging out on the kitchen counter, which isn't weird in and of itself, except something caught my eye. She was hovering over a bag of lemons I could have sworn were pushed up against the wall of the counter, but were now close to the edge of the counter. I stop and just watch her for a second and she goes back to what she was doing, which was rubbing herself all over the lemons! So, of course I grabbed my camera to document her weirdness :)

You'd have thought that bag of lemons was really a bag of catnip the way she was loving on those things! Haha!
I asked Abby, "What are you doing?"

Huh! Oh hi, I was just checking these lemons for imperfections, yeah that's right, you have to be very don't want defective lemons!
Hmm, what's in here...
You didn't tell me you had a bag of limes that needed checking too!
Oh sweet limes, how I love you!
 ::purrrrrrr::   ::head bonk::   ::purrrrrrr::
 Such a weirdo I tell ya! Just yesterday I caught her back on the kitchen counter loving on my bag of celery! Sadly, I was cameraless at the time, so you'll just have to take my word for it!

It seems all those times she was watching me from the top of the kitchen cabinets while I was in the kitchen wasn't for nothing! Haha!

What! I have credentials you know! I'm a certified lemon/lime/celery checker!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Red wanted to send Happy 4th of July wishes to all his blog friends!! It's that time of year again for fun, food, and fireworks...the latter of which sends Red into a crazed barking frenzy! Yay for me! Haha!

Red pulled out his patriotic flag bandana and doggles and enjoyed strutting his stuff around the backyard!

You know, I don't get out of bed for anything less than one cookie per shot...

Alright, alright! You drive a hard bargain!
He really knows how to work that catwalk! Haha!

What do you mean there are no more cookies! I can't work under these conditions!

After some pleading and Red negotiating a cheese slice with dinner, he decided he could pose for just one more shot...

Happy 4th of July everyone! Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday!