Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some like it hot...

but Red does not! lol

Red wanted me to tell you guys he is sorry for the lack of posts lately, but it's just so darn hot and humid outside lately, it's all he can do to go sit out on the coolaroo and think lovely thoughts of cool fall weather. It's been so muggy and humid here the past couple of weeks that Red's seasonal allergies are really flaring up, and he is one itchy itchy boy. 

Why does it have to be sooooo humid! I can barely stand it!
::cue sad dramatic face::

Oh woe is me! I think I am melting!!
I tried to explain to Red that there are some people and animals out there that don't have air conditioning...

Blasphemy!!! I don't believe it! Seriously, you had better start fanning me, I think I'm getting the vapors!!

I don't know how much longer I can last...

Oh my god, it's happening! It's so sticky out here my lip is stuck to the coolaroo! I'm done for!!

I'm saved! Oh how I love you Mr. Big Industrial Fan!


Dahnks said...

poor itchy dog.. have you heard of Dinovite? I give that to my dog with her food and it has helped her allergies and itching tremendously.. look it up see what you think.

BigRedDogBlog said...

Dahnks: I have not heard of Dinovite, he's currently on Stinging Nettles for his allergies but I always love recommendations for products that works for others. I will check it out, thanks!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

BIF to the rescue!

Cocorue said...

hee hee you're funny.....maybe your mumster should fedex .....'re too big for their biggest over and you will VAPOURISE ha ha

well, mumster says it can get pretty hot in NC ( she was at Raleigh,NC for years) and we can then go swimming BUT you will have to piggy back my 3 lb frame ha