Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Best Friends

Many many apologies for being so slack in posting lately, this time of year always seems to be a busy time for me. I have been working hard though, getting new pictures of my crew's daily adventures and will hopefully get back to posting on a more consistent basis!

Red has really been enjoying himself lately, making lots of new neighborhood friends. His new favorite play buddy, Murphy, lives just a few houses down and Red whines with excitement if we even head in the direction of his house. Murphy and Red are so hilarious together, their favorite go-to game is Wrestling Smack down! You know they're having fun when you see one of them get body slammed and bounce right back up asking for more! Haha!

It always starts out so innocently with a quick sprint around the yard from sheer excitement of being together...

And then before you know it someone's in a head lock! lol

You wouldn't believe the trash talking that goes on between these two...
What'd you say about my momma?

I didn't say anything about your momma, you momma's boy!

Oh, it's on now pipsqueak!!

Bring it, fireplug!!

This goes on forever, until they are both so wiped out, that they both lie down head-to-head and chew and tug on each other's loose face skin! Haha! They really are a silly pair!

Now that you've met Red's new BFF, he wanted me to also introduce his girlfriend/walking buddy, Lady, a lab/rottweiler mix that lives right across the street. Lady's food lady had surgery on her foot, which put her out of walking commission for a while so I've taken up her twice daily walks. This has thrilled Red, and it is so cute to see little 50-pound Red trotting next to 100+ pound Lady...he's like her little sidekick! Ha!


ACB said...

So glad y'all are back, we were worried! :)

Daisy Dog said...

Great to see you again! Looks like lots of fun and adventures! It always nice to have your buddies close by!

Mary said...

OMG! Lady makes Red look like a little ant! :-o!!