Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Big Red Dog Blog

After much procrastination on my part and encouragement from my friends I have finally started my blog! You know that crazy cat lady down the street who has all the cats...well, I'm her + one dog! Ha! I kid, I kid...sorta! I currently share my home with 6 fuzzy felines and one ridiculously silly red mutt who is always bringing the laughs, my dorky boy Big Red.

My four Persian cats are members of the Persian Mafia along with their fellow cousins up in New York City - Dee Doo (The Don), Sweet Pea, and Miss Pan
Top Row: Sophie, Dee Doo, High Cotton
Bottom Row: Miss Pansy, Ms. Wiggles, Bella, and Sweet Pea

While they are busy enforcing things over on the East Coast, their canine friends, The DogFathers, are busy breaking knee caps taking care of things out on the West Coast. So if you are ever in need of a favor or some protection, I happen to know some people, and as it turns out they are very affordable as they prefer to be paid in cookies! ;)

There never seems to be an end to the silly antics my crew manages to orchestrate around here, so hopefully you all will enjoy them as much as I do!

For those not familiar with everyone, a quick rundown on whose who...

This is Abby, my rebel without a cause, the queen bee (just don't tell Bella she thinks that!), and Big Red's best friend. She secretly has a soft side, and I may be risking my life by telling everyone, but she can be a softie when she wants to!

Bella, the matriarch of my crew...a true love who is so very easygoing and makes it impossible not to just want to squeeze her every time you see her.

High Cotton, my most chill and laid back kitty. It takes a lot to phase High Cotton, and he is all about attention and the loves, and if you dare to ignore him he will make it be known, as he is a big talker.

Itty Bitty, my first foster failure. As far as perfect kitties come, Itty Bitty is as close to it as it can get, he is so good natured and very rarely ever gets into any trouble, and is just a sweet boy.

Ms. Wiggles and Sophie, are my youngest and are sisters. These two are a silly pair, who love to be together and pair up against Bella for games of chase. Ms.Wiggles lives for her people, so as long as she can be close to you she is happy. Sophie on the other hand, is a bit more of a Diva...okay, she is very much a Diva! Ha! Sophie does things her way or no way, but she still loves her attention, just as long as it is on her terms.

Last, but not least, there is Big Red. My super silly, all about the fun, dorky boy. A mutt of unknown origin from a rescue, Red is all about living it up, and having as much fun as possible! He never fails to bring a smile to my face, and is an endless source of laughter.

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