Friday, April 24, 2009

A Little Spring In Your Step

Every year about this time, a very curious thing happens. As it warms up and spring grows closer, the ground awakens and this can only mean one thing. Grubs! Yes, that is right, my dog is obsessed with hunting for grubs! Ha!

Anytime I put Red out in the backyard, my dog turns into a deer, bouncing, springing, and pouncing all over the yard! It's useless to try and distract him with our usual games of fetch, or chase, because until the prime grub hunting season passes he's got no time for me. Haha!

After a couple of trips out back with the video camera I was able to catch some of this silliness!


LadyPatsFan said...

Ha ha ha ha. Love the hopping!

Mom said...

glad you were able to capture mr hop-hoppy! lol

Schnitzie said...

Red cracks me up! What a big dork! I must say, though, that he looks very graceful as he pounces and leaps, like a (big stubby) gazelle. He seems to have a very clear goal in mind as he pounds the ground.

westiemom21 said...

Hilarious, I love big red.